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Medicaid. Medicare. D-SNP. The Vheda Health program is designed for ease & simplicity with complex members in mind. As a Minority Business Enterprise, our mission is focused on uplifting the underserved with proven programs that address their economic and social disparities through the power of technology and human touch.

How it works: It begins by identifying and enrolling key population segments. Next, with a personally delivered kit, members begin their journey with the Vheda Health mobile app and remote monitoring devices. As your members engage, the Vheda Health aggregates and interprets various data to identify and deliver the best intervention based on real-time need. This data is shared with the health plan and Vheda Health Services team to ensure consistent compliance, coordination, and outcomes. 

Key Features

Mobile App. Personalized communication with your care team through live video and two-way text, daily compliance support for your members.

Kit w/ Remote Monitoring Devices. Every member receives a kit with personalized monitoring devices providing live, biometrics enabling early intervention.  

Personalized Insights. Real-time feedback and recommendations that keep your members on track.

Live Dashboard. Real-time insight into your member populations based on priority, severity, and need that lowers medical spend and boosts compliance.

Live, Human Support. Talk to a real person – a health coach who advocates for your members, a care manager for help with benefits, a nurse for emergent focused on “closing the loop,” and tech support.

Multi Language Support. From English to Spanish, easily translate in over 100 languages to meet your members needs.

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The Vheda Health Difference

Designed for Underserved Populations

Vheda is designed for Medicaid, Medicare, and D-SNP populations. Our member experience is simple & unified – from curated kits with a phone & remote monitoring devices to live outreach, members receive the right support to overcome their hardest challenges and achieve compliance.

Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

As nationally certified Minority Business Enterprise, the Vheda solution creates an RFP edge for your MCO with a proven solution that accelerates engagement, compliance, and medical savings. 

Fees at Risk

We stand by our results and will place fees at-risk.


Remote Monitoring & Live Support

View and manage live biometric measurements – blood glucose, weight, oxygen, peak flow, maternity, heart rate, and more –  from more than 400+ devices. Device readings will be followed up by the Vheda outreach team to ensure normalcy and connect the member with the right resources.

Implement in 30 days

Enrollment. Procurement. Marketing. Our easy implementation process ensures smooth state approval, member enrollment, and results – in as little as 30 days.

Grow your program with ease and scale.

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Mental Health


Weight Management

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