A guide to connected health device and remote patient monitoring vendors

Now more than ever, in the midst of a pandemic, healthcare IT leaders can use a comprehensive listing of companies that make technologies that help keep tabs on patients from afar.

In an age when nearly everyone is digitally connected in some way – even many senior citizens, who are often characterized as technophobic – it only makes sense that the healthcare industry is seeing a lot of connected health devices and remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies.

Connected health devices run the gamut from wearable heart monitors, to Bluetooth-enabled scales, to Fitbits. They provide health measures of patients and transmit them back to providers – or in some cases are reported back to providers – to facilitate healthcare decisions from afar. Remote patient monitoring technologies are akin to telemedicine technologies, since they automatically observe and report on patients, often with chronic illnesses, so caregivers can remotely keep tabs on patients.

Organizations like Vheda Health are leading the healthcare revolution during COVID-19, providing the most under resourced populations – Medicaid and Medicare – with the management of high-risk, chronic conditions through connected health and remote monitoring technologies. 

Vheda Health works with Medicaid and Medicare health insurers to manage high-risk, high-cost populations with the company’s digital chronic management platform. The company currently offers programs in diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, asthma, COPD, behavioral health, high-risk pregnancy and infectious disease.

Based on condition, enrolled participants receive a care package that includes a customized mobile device and remote monitoring devices based on condition. The company supplements this technology with three tiers of human support: health coaching, triage and technical support. Participants receive a dedicated health coach who a patient meets through live video and text to help overcome social determinant and clinical barriers to change. In the event of an out-of-range reading, a Vheda triage nurse will reach out to normalize the value before it escalates into a high-acuity event.

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