Shameet Luhar founded Vheda Health because, he notes, “Chronic conditions are fueling a cost strain on our system worldwide, which is being driven by hospitalizations, ER visits, and deaths, all of which are preventable.”

The company has turned its focus toward making it easier for chronically ill patients to monitor and improve their health. Vheda works with Medicaid and Medicare health plans to decrease medical expenses and improve compliance with their mobile care management platform, enabling patients to manage chronic conditions in real-time.

Participating patients receive Vheda care packages, which are customized based on condition. If a certain data point is higher or lower than an acceptable threshold, an alert is triggered; the health plan and physician can then work with the patient to address the situation before it escalates.

By automating care plan compliance, Vheda believes its mobile care intervention platform saves payers $17,175 per member per year.