The Vheda Health program delivers an 84% member compliance rate, compared to 15-20% compliance with other vendors or internal health plan programs.

Our program is designed for high-risk populations, ensuring ease of adoption. Using simplicity as our guide, we provide a no frills approach to chronic disease management with access to the people, the technology, and the services that work together seamlessly; and no member setup.

With more than 70 touchpoints per member per month, the Vheda Health program is providing members with their #1 need: attention.

Outcomes You Can Trust


Compliance Rate


Average Medical Expense Reduction


Utilization Reduction

Net Promoter Score

Vheda Health Program Model for High-Risk Populations


The Vheda Health Difference

Designed for Medicaid & Medicare Members

The only program of its kind specifically designed for high-risk Medicaid & Medicare populations. From personalized care packages to a live team that ensures success – coaches, care manager, triage, and technical support – enabling more than 70 touchpoints per member per month.

Overcome Key Barriers to Compliance

Chronic condition non-compliance is traditionally due to non-clinical factors, including social determinants. That’s why we focus on identify these barriers. Through active human interactions leveraging video and text, member receive the right frequency of support that creates compliance.

Tim, 59

“The Vheda Program was a lifesaver. I was able to monitor by blood sugar every day, lower my A1c, and finally get on the transplant list for a new kidney and pancreas.”

Juanita, 41

“My insurance suggested Vheda. I’ve lost 28 pounds so far and have not needed insulin for 2 months. My blood pressure is better, too.”

Wendell, 66

“Now that I am checking my blood pressure every day, it’s under control, and I haven’t gone to the ER in months.”

Streamline Vendor Management

Eliminate point solutions with the Vheda Health platform enabling your organization to manage its entire high-risk population across conditions with one, scalable solution.


Amplify Your Care Management Program

From initial implementation, you receive the full support of the Vheda Health team every step of the way. From member enrollment and logistical support to state/CMS approvals and reporting, our teams work together in a complementary manner that is simple, diligent, and thorough.

One Platform. All Conditions. Unmatched Results.

Behavioral Health
Weight Management
Congestive Heart Failure
Personal Emergency Response System

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