Digital Health Programs for High-Risk Populations

For high-risk Medicaid, Medicare, and employer populations, the Vheda Health program decreases medical claims cost 43% by delivering 84% member compliance.

Our approach combines remote monitoring and live outreach to keep members compliant with their chronic conditions and decrease claims costs.


Average Medical Savings Per Member Per Year


Compliance Rate


Utilization Decrease


Satisfaction Rate

Scalability across all conditions with one platform. 

Personalized care package delivered to the home

Connected Remote Monitoring

Real-time, human support

Asthma / COPD
Congestive Heart Failure
& Hypertension
Behavioral Health
Medication Adherence
High-Risk Pregnancy
Weight Management

Personal Emergency Response & Infectious Disease

Jerome Aya-Ay, MD

Simply put, Vheda Health’s solution has led to better care, compliance, and accessibility across my patient population. palmettoLogo


We partnered with Vheda to implement new, clinically proven strategies in care management that lead to reduced hospitalizations and optimal health outcomes for our member population.
“The Vheda Health program is informative and I really look forward to meeting my health coach every week.”
“I am grateful for the constant support through the Vheda Health program; it literally saved my life.”

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